Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sarah and Tau visit NH Part 1

 Last month my little sister Sarah and her hubby Tau came out to NH with their kiddos to play for a whole week!
Our kids are close in age so that made it fun. Brinley and Noa are 1 month apart and Micah and Cam are 6 months apart. Bunch of little cuties.

And here's the best shot we could get with all of them including Teya and Monty. Brinley's goof face makes me smile since the majority of the pictures of me as a kid look very similar :)

While they were here we had some good times on the trampoline. Love this pic of Teya launched in the air ready to crack the egg (aka Tau)

 We also hit up the Boston Children's museum

I was on Cam duty at the museum so most of my pics are of him, but I managed to capture a few of Micah, Noa and Sarah too.

 I also made Sarah carry this around at the museum to upgrade her status from cool to uber awesomeness. Totally worked. :)

 After the kids were in bed each night it was game time. We played Settlers, Monopoly cards, and banagrams.

  One night Tau decided he wanted to bake a cake. So he did. And then he ate a piece as big as his head. It was kind of amazing.

On Memorial Day the grill master worked his magic and grilled up some delectable ribs.

 Mouth watering.
(oh and the ribs look pretty good too ;)

Another highlight was being able to have a girls night out with my sissy! We curled our hair and got all fancy.

We ate some fabulous seafood at Burtons and chatted and laughed the night away. Nothing quite like sister time. 

While they were here we also took a day trip up to Maine but I took so many pics that it will take a separate post to cover them all, so stay tuned! Part 2 coming soon...

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Sarah said...

Yay! I love love love this post! I'm so glad you posted on your blog. We had such a fun time with you guys and the food was amaaaaazing. We still need your Salmon recipe. Tau is always asking for it. Can't wait for part two. Love you!