Thursday, June 7, 2012

AK Rigg's come to NH!

Last month we were super stoked to host Taber's nephew Paul and his wife Shug, who flew in from Alaska to take in the sights New England.

First sight: Main Dunstable Elementary school for the Spring Fling Carnival! Lol! Okay, maybe that's not very touristy but the kids were excited to have Paul and Shug there.

It was a bit rainy so most of the fling was indoors, but the kids got to ride ponies and check out a petting zoo before heading inside. The Goat liked eating Cam's pants, it was pretty funny.

Inside there was face painting, bounce houses, carnival games and best of all, cotton candy. The girls were thrilled.

Since Taber was working and Teya was in school, Paul and Shug went out on their own during the week for some sight seeing in Maine and Vermont. But in the evenings once the kids were down, it was all about Settlers of Catan. I think we must've played 8-9 games while they were here. Sadly, I only won ONE of those games, but oh what a sweet victory it was! ;)

When the weekend rolled around Paul and Shug invited us to come down to Cape Cod and stay with them at their friend's 5 bedroom beach house. We were like, "well...if you're going to twist our arms..." kidding! We were so excited!

The kids loved being near the ocean and spent hours playing on the rocks and collecting treasures.

 Paul and Shug with Taber and the Brinster

 Daddy and the Rigglets

 The girls with their collection of treasures

Handsome boys

 And I was there too! 
Always behind the camera but here's one shot to document my presence : )

 The first morning there we got up and cooked the most amazing breakfast ever! deep friend pancakes with strawberries and syrup, crispy bacon and the most divine scrambled eggs I've ever eaten. Twas a feast fit for kings!

Then we hit up the beach. Brinley wasn't shy about showing her enthusiasm. She was lovin' it!

 Sand Mermaid, never gets old!

 We had a great time, digging, splashing, throwing the frisbee and playing outside. We ended up staying down there for 2 nights and it was a total blast.

Love this picture of my Man and little Man. : )

After a fun filled week and an amazing weekend at the Cape it was time to say goodbye to Paul and Shug. It was awesome having them here and the kids definitely had a blast with their "Big Cousins" : )


Cameron and Wendy said...

Sounds like like such a fun time. That beach house looks AMAZING! You guys always seem to do the coolest things when you have wonder you are always having visitors!

Naomi Hanks said...

Wow! That house was awesome! I would love to take my kiddos somewhere where they could play on the beach all day. Very cool. Glad you guys had some fun visitors too! Things like that just keep you going when you live so far away from family :)

Joanne said...

Oh, so many great pictures! I kept thinking I had found my favorite, but then they would get even more awesome. I love the girls' faces with their cotton candy, and also the one of them walking along the rocks at Cape Cod. Also love their collection of treasures! That is such an Elizabeth thing to do - she has collections all over the place. But then my favorite became the one of you and Cam, and then Brinley's awesome beach excitement (which might go down as the best picture in the history of the world). Also, now i really want to go to the beach because my girls would looove to be sand mermaids. And that last picture of your men is just so great. So I have too many favorites!!

Shug said...

Definitely good times. Thanks so much for having us. It feels like a million years ago. I love your pictures, especially the ones of your kiddos. Good job creating the memories!

Kristen said...

That looks like a ton of fun! Love the sand mermaid!

Hilary said...

Loving the east coast adventures. I've always wanted to go to Cape Cod. In fact my husband tells a hilarious story of when he and his family went several years ago and his dad was talking to one of the locals and said, "So, how do you like living out here on the Cod?" Oh, makes me belly laugh every time I hear it.
I think something happened to my reader feed with your blog because I haven't gotten one in over a month. I was thinking that you must have been taking a hiatus, and then I visited the ACTUAL blog today and see that you've been pretty regular. I'll have to look into that...