Wednesday, April 18, 2012

World's most supportive parents

We feel very blessed and grateful that Taber's parents and my Dad were able to fly out to see us perform in Savior of the World. (My mom would've come too but she's was watching my sister's kids so Rachel could be here : ) 

They sat on the front row, for every show, and it was great to see how touched they were by the performances. 

The first time my Dad saw it he cried through the whole thing. Afterwards he gave me roses and then worked the crowds, greeting people and proudly saying, "Hi! I'm Becca's Dad!" Several of my friends told me afterwards that they'd never seen such a proud papa ; )

They were only in town for the weekend, but it was awesome having a house full of family.  
(Cute pic of "The Boys")

 Grandma helping Cam eat his veggies

 We are especially grateful to Grandma Karen for making Easter so special for the kids. We were so busy all week with dress rehearsals and performances that we hadn't done anything to prepare for it. Luckily Grandma showed up with Easter games, crafts, treats, toys and even Easter dresses. She brought stuff to color eggs and brought plastic eggs for an egg hunt. Without her I don't know what we would've done. Thank you Grandma Karen!!

 Brinley dyeing eggs with Grandma

 Easter morning was also a lot of fun with the grandparents around. Papa Uda was sleeping in the play room where the Easter bunny had left the kids baskets. Silly Papa had stayed up way too late the night before and had only gotten a few hours of sleep when the kids came bounding into the room, jumping on his bed and yelling, "WAKE UP PAPA! THE EASTER BUNNY CAME!!"
He was a good sport and rolled right out of bed to join in the fun.

 The reason Papa was up so late? Playing on his new iPhone. The kids were pretty intrigued by it too. Check out Cam's face!

 Lots of smiles on Easter morning

 After the egg hunt we got ready for church while Dad, Rachel, and the Riggs all got ready to go to the airport. We took a few more pics before everyone had to leave.

 The girls looked precious in their Easter dresses from Grandma. Couldn't quite capture a pic of everyone looking at the camera and smiling (especially Cam who was really mad that we put him in a suit) but I'm glad we got some pics of all of us together. Thank you to all our family who came out and supported us in the play. We LOVE you so so much!


Cameron and Wendy said...

I am sitting here going, "Awwww...", "Awwwww....." "Awwww...." over and over again, because of how great your parents are. Not that I am surprised in the least, because hey, you and Taber came from them. :) It is awesome that you had so many fans come out for your show, and that you had so much help, because dang have been B-U-S-Y!

I love Cam's suit. Seriously, where do you get his church clothes?? I have the hardest time finding stuff for Landon that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

lisapenn said...

How awesome! Your dad is just the cutest thing ever! The girls and Cam look too cute on Easter morning.

Cindy Uda said...

I love the girls dresses and it looked like they were having so much fun with the Easter eggs! I sure have a beautiful family! Extended Riggs included. Love Karen and Bob! They raised a wonderful son!

Crystal said...

You are so beautiful Becca;0) And your kids are adorable! Love the Easter dresses;0) What great parents you guys have! And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! You are the best;0)

Liz Uda Mucci said...

That is awesome that you had family support for your performance. I really wish I could have been there. I crave seeing you perform and sing... You know dad doesnt really cry very much so in that... your performance must have truly been overwhelming with the spirit! I know dad is so proud of you Bec. You have a whole family proud of you... but it is always special to know your daddy is proud of you.

Thank goodness for grandma Karen.. What a stud! the dresses were beautiful.

And cams face with the iphone pic... oh my gosh I freaking love it. typical little Asian... analyzing everything ha ha.

Love it. Love you and your family! xoxoxoxo

Joanne said...

That is so great to have so much family support. I love how touched your dad was by it, and how proud he was to be your dad(I'm proud to even have met you, so I can't imagine how he must feel). It makes me happy that your kids had such a good time with grandparents during all the busy-ness. The pictures of them with your dad and his iphone were so cute. Also love the new Easter dresses - your girls look so grown-up and pretty. And Cam in a suit is just plain awesome.