Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

For Valentines Day I wanted to get an updated picture of the kids for Taber since the one on his desk is a year old and Cam has changed a little since then. : )

It took several attempts and a fair amount of bribing but I managed to get some decent shots with all 3 of them looking. This is the one I framed for Taber.  I know I'm biased but man my kids are cute! : )

This one was my second favorite. Cam's smile isn't as cute but I love Brinley's little tongue sticking out.

The girls were great models. Teya still thinks the head tilt is the ultimate picture pose so now she's got Brinley doing it too.

Cuteness to the maximus 

Love this one of Brinley. She has the sweetest face.

Teya's just darling too.

And Cam... Well Cam didn't really care for the photoshoot ; )

The girls and I snuck out to the garage in the morning and decorated Taber's car for work. I traced their hands and they wrote their names. He loved it so much he kept it on there for a few days because he said people were nicer to him on his commute : )

Later in the afternoon we got a special delivery from the flower shop. Taber sent roses for me and spring bouquets for the girls.

They were so excited to get their own flowers.  

 A+ to my man for making all three of his girls feel special ; )

And we tried to make him feel special too with his favorite treat, chocolate dipped strawberries.

After work Taber picked up take out from Olive Garden and we just had a nice low key evening in with the family.  It was a sweet day with all my little sweethearts. : )


Shug said...

That may be the sweetest thing I have ever seen in my life.

The Peters Family said...

I'm loving each one of those pictures of your kids! They're each so beautiful!
And did you MAKE those choc covered strawberries?! There wouldn't be any left for him to come home to if I was there.

Tara said...

That is a lot of love! Teya is right, the head tilt is super cute. Brinley is really hamming it up, and she looks a lot like you in that one pretty close up. I love Cam's close up, too. Sounds like a great V-day!

Cindy said...

That is so sweet! You guys have the most beautiful children! They are just precious. Love them all so much! Your husband rocks! What a thoughtful husband and Father! You sure scored in that department Becca!
Hugs and loves to all of my little sweethearts!

Grandma Uda

Cameron and Wendy said...

Can they be my Valentine's?? :) I love the idea of doing a photo shoot and giving it to Taber. I will have to store that one in the bank for one of these years.

Your girls are naturals. They have got the posing down to an art. I wish they were here to teach Miley, as she is going through the awkward "let's look as weird as we can in a picture" phase.

Cam is all boy. I love it. The picture of him had me cracking up, because it is so cute, but totally screams "BOY." :)

Joanne said...

They are all so adorable! I don't know how you stand the cuteness every day. I love,love the girls' head tilts, and it was so funny scrolling down past their loveliness and then seeing Cam's awesome shot. Awesome job on Taber's car and with the strawberries. And I love how Taber remembered all his girls with the flowers - what a great guy.

Jodi said...

Those are the cutest pictures! Little Cam is looking good with the faux hawk!!