Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Snapshots

Not a lot of time for blogging these days but here are some snapshots from last week:

My friend Kendall and I do a kid swap once a week, which means one week I get four glorious hours of freedom to run errands KID FREE!!  and the next week I get to sample what my life would be like if I had 5 kids, including 1 year old twins.

This week was my turn to wrangle the 5 children. It always gets a little wild when Teya comes home from school and the babies wake up from their naps and everyone wants a snack and their diaper changed (or help going potty) at the same time.  We have fun though, and it is SO awesome having a little break twice a month.

 In other news, look what Cam did when he hijacked Brinley's yogurt and slapped his yogurty little hands all over my couch.  If you want to know what I do all day, here's a nice little sample : ) Cleaning up after destruct-o boy keeps me quite busy.

Remember how I said Teya's front teeth were all loosey goosey? Well sure enough,  they both popped out last week on the same day! One in the morning before she went to school and one right before she went to bed. Taber got some pretty funny video of it so I'll have to do a separate post on that when I have more time.
 We're still enjoying an incredibly mild winter. I think it's only snowed once and that melted within 24 hours.  Last week they played outside every day, a couple times they didn't even need jackets. 

 Yay for outside walks in a mild winter!

And Yay for marathon training in a mild winter! 
Taber and I ran our 20 miler on Saturday which means all our big runs are done! Then next three weeks we just taper and then it's off to DC for 26.2! Woot!


Cameron and Wendy said...

I am dying at the picture of all five kids in the middle of just doing what they do. Love. It. I thought we were having a mild winter, but holy moly, I think I would like to have some of what you are getting!

You guys are my heros for all these marathon things. Superman and Wonder Woman right there!

Crystal said...

I love getting glimpses of your old LL warm up suits! Haha. Btw, there's a pin on pinterest that gives tips on how to clean a microfiber couch! Just FYI;0) love Teya's cute smile!

The Peters Family said...

I know what you mean about not a lot of time for blogging! I love it when you do though!
I'm loving Teya's missing teeth! She looks adorable.
5 kids=worth it for a break for you :)

Hilary said...

Kid swap is the best idea. Yay for mild winters. I can't believe it's almost time for the marathon, it's seems like you just started training...time goes by pretty fast when I'm in a vortex of pregnancy, I guess. Way to run 20 miles...that sounds SO long. woot woot.