Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fitting it all in...

Well we're 3 weeks into play practice and 10 weeks into marathon training and it's definitely taking some creative juggling to fit it all in.  Luckily some good things have fallen into place to make it possible. Like our awesome neighbor who has offered to come over on Friday nights and watch the kids for free while we have play practice. She's this sweet college girl who I'm sure could use the babysitting money, but she won't charge us since we're doing a church activity. I honestly almost cried when she told us that. Such a blessing : )

So this is kind of how the weekends go:
Friday afternoons I swap with a friend or get a babysitter so I can do my long run. Last week it was 17 miles so we're talking close to 3 hours of running. I usually get home around 4 and then I have a couple hours to stretch, shower, recover, make dinner, and get ready for play practice. Play practice is from 7-9:30, so we get home close to 10pm, then Taber sets out all his stuff for his long run and we go to bed.

Saturday mornings Taber wakes up around 4:20am to get his long run in. Last week he knocked out 17 miles all before 8am!! He is the man! While he's running I work on getting everything together to entertain and feed the kids for 4 hours during rehearsal. We bring the pack and play, baby monitor, blankets, booster seat, baby food, bottles, extra clothes and diapers for Cam, and toys, DVD players, coloring books, snacks and lunches for the girls. 

Sometimes we even bring their bikes so they can cruise around in the gym. 

The girls do great during rehearsal. They just play with their stuff and the other kids whose parents are in the play. Cam is a different story. He requires a lot more work, especially because he needs naps and diaper changes and someone to spoon feed him his meals.  Taber and I usually take turns juggling him since we've only been working on music, but once we start blocking I think some of the young women in the play are going to be on Cam duty since we'll be needed on stage.
(I really just wish I could fly the Grandmas out for a few months! I'm sure they'd love being on Cam duty!)

After play practice it takes us forever to round up all our stuff (we seriously bring half our household) Then we get home around 2 and we are so wasted from long runs and rehearsals and late nights and early mornings that we barely have enough energy to drag everything in the house and crash.

Not a lot of housework happens over the weekends. 

(Sorry Mom, I swear it all gets cleaned up by Monday!)

After play practice nothing sounds better than a nap, but the kids are such good sports about all this that we really try to do something fun in the afternoon.

Last weekend it snowed, so after rehearsal Taber took the girls outside to play in it. 

He was going to take them to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D too, but when it was time to come in and get ready for the movie they were having too much fun and chose to stay home and keep playing instead. 

I know all this makes from some crazy weekends but I really love what we are doing. The spirit has been so strong in some of the rehearsals that more than once I've had to wipe away tears. The music and the script are amazing and working on them has helped me to focus more on the Savior in my daily life.  I play the CD with the music all the time and the girls are even starting to sing the songs.  It's the best having our home filled with such beautiful music. I love it, and I'm so glad we're making the effort to fit it all in : )


Cameron and Wendy said...

Holy moly. You guys are insanely busy! You guys are amazing for fitting all of this stuff in. Can't wait to hear about all the finished results - play AND marathon!

Brooke said...

You guys are Rock stars! That is so cool that you get to be a part of so many amazing things. I loved The Savior of the World!

Tau said...

Man I'm likin the pics...you can tell you got a new camera. ;)

Tara said...

Dang dude, that is busy. The kids don't look too put out by being "forced" to ride their bikes around the gym... you guys are doing a good job keeping them happy through everything you've got going on! Your "messy" house also looks like any given moment around here... seriously, can't that happen in like 30 minutes? ;) You're doing a good job keeping up with everything, and I wish I could see your performance!

Melynne said...

my house looks a lot messier than than that i only ran 5 miles... this week!!

Sarah said...

Bec I'm so proud of you. I can't tell you how bad I wish I could be there to watch you and Taber perform in the play. You guys are going to do great. I'm so excited for you. Make sure you film it. Don't you love it when your kids choose to do something active over tv or a movie. Looks like they were having a lot of fun in the snow. And don't worry about your mess. My house looks like that everyday before 4 pm. I swear I clean it twice, but there's never any proof.