Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Party Minute to Win it Games 2011

We had so much fun playing Minute to Win it Games last year that we decided to do it for one more year. There were lots of laughs and cheers as we watched our friends complete the challenges. Here are some of the games we played:

Ready Spaghetti: two players had to move soda cans from one table to another using only their mouths and a spaghetti noodle. They had to build a tower of three cans before the minute was up.

Mad Dog: Each  player had a ruler with two boxes of tic tacs glued to each end. Payers had to put the rulers in their mouths and shake till all the tic tacs came out and then their partner had to do the same all within a minute. Messy but so funny to watch!

Baby Blocking: Players had to balance a plate on their head and stack 5 blocks on top of the plate without falling. This one is WAY harder than it sounds! 2 of the 4 players got it.

Nervous Nelly: Player had pedometers strapped to each arm and leg. They had to shake, wiggle and move around as much as they could in a minute to try and get a total of 500 clicks. I will definitely be posting video of this one later, SOOOO funny!

 Rapid Fire: Players had to use rubber bands to knock over a tower of 6 empty soda cans. The cans had to be completely cleared off the table before the minute was up.

 Separation Anxiety: Players had to sort 50 M&M's by color with only one hand. If they accidentally put the wrong color in a cup they were disqualified. I actually practiced this one with Teya and she was able to do it so I tried to make it harder by using 60 M&M's and no one got it! Guess Teya just has mad skills!

Ka-Broom: Players had to set up a marshmallow on a plate on the edge of a stool. Using a broom to tip the plate they had to launch the marshmallow up in the air and catch it in a cup, 3 times. This one was intense but so much fun when the players caught the marshmallows!

We also did a game where players had to bounce ping pong balls off the ground and onto a table and try to get them to stick onto a piece of bread with peanut butter. Much harder than it sounds! We finished with one more round of nervous nelly to break a 3 way tie between some of the teams. Whoever got the most pedometer clicks in a minute won. It was tons of fun and hopefully I'll be able to get some video up because watching this stuff in action is hilarious!


Tau said...

That is looks like crazy fun. That one pic in Ka-Broom with the dude dressed like Cher, looks like he is about to roll his ankle. Props to him for staying in those the whole night. But those pants might be a little too revealing...hahahaha ;)

Cameron and Wendy said...

Um, are you trying to make me jealous that we can't be at your party by posting all of these fun pictures?? Cuz it is working! Ha! Seriously though, I am laughing just looking at the pictures...I can only imagine how fun it is in person! You got mad party planning skills, Becca!

Naomi Hanks said...

Hahahaha! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I can't wait to see the Nervous Nelly video. That looks hilarious. Also on the hilarious radar... Cher doing Ka-broom!!! Holy cow I just laughed so hard at that picture!

Joanne said...

Where do you find all these hilarious games?!! They all look so fun - I want to try them all with my kids, especially the M&M sorting one (it is a good excuse to all of a sudden have lots of M&Ms on hand).

Heather said...

I just did a google search for minute to win it Halloween games and yours was the first thing that came up. May I just tell you thank you for saving my Halloween party? :) Such fun ideas!

marilyn scott said...

Awww thanks for sharing these entertaining halloween games. Of all games, Bingo and Mummy Wrap are some of our favorites.

Since Halloween is almost, you may want to check out my own list of Halloween party games that you may add up to your list too...

I hope all enjoy the holiday as much as I do...

Cheers and happy Halloween!
~ Lyn