Friday, October 28, 2011

All Things Halloween...

Forgive me if I've been a little absent from the blogging world. 
I've been busy with preparations for our Halloween bash which is tonight!! 

 We sent out these invitations a few weeks ago and ever since then I've been in full throttle party planning and prep mode.

We've been slowly decorating the house a little more each day. It's looking pretty spooky!

We've also been working on our costumes. 
This wig is a little sneak peak! ; )

 Also on the agenda: Pumpkin carving. 
The girls did a great job scooping out the guts.

 They helped Daddy pick out a great design and supervised him while he carved away.

The finished product. Spooky spider!

 Even better in the dark!

Last weekend I had to do some serious shopping for the party so Taber took all 3 kiddos to the pumpkin farm by himself. Brave daddy! The girls jumped hay bales for over an hour.

While Cam the man munched on apple cider donuts. 
(you can see the sugar in his eyelashes, that's good stuff!)

They brought home 5 more pumpkins which we painted on Monday for FHE. The paint has been holding up pretty well through the rain and snow from the past few days.

On Wednesday, I had a little bat cookie making playdate for the girls since they were feeling a little left out by the Halloween party for grown ups only.

 I found this idea on Our Best Bites, Here. I loved it because it was something the girls could do themselves without any help. (Even the 3 year olds!)

 Teya and her bat

 Mia and her bat

 Brinley and the remnants of her bat. 
Chocolate never lasts long around this girl ; )

 We used candy eyes and cut wings out of cardstock. I think they were supposed to have fangs but Teya wanted smiley faces.

 This project passed my two main criteria, easy and delicious. : )

 After cookies the girls had popcorn and watched a Clifford Halloween movie while the grown ups enjoyed some lovely adult conversation.

And that's what we've been up to. Now back to party prepping!


The Peters Family said...

Sounds like so much fun!
I can't wait to see the costume picks this year again!

Crystal said...

Becca you are always soooo FUN! I'm sure your party is going to be a HIT like usual;0) Those bat cookies look YUMMY! I made the mummy kind last year w/ white chocolate and they were lots of fun. This year, with the new baby and the two rambunctious monkeys running around, I don't think I'm up for much Halloween creativity. LAME. We'll see what we come up with! haha

Naomi Hanks said...

Yaaay! I'm so excited for your party! The decor is looking fantastic. And way to be an awesome mom and throwing a party for the kiddos. (No Gollums in your house!) You are the coolest!!!

JamieLynn said...

Seriously, you need to move back to MN so I can come to one of your awesome parties!!!

Justin said...

Wow you have been BUSY!! Your house looks awesome, I know all that decorating has been no small task! Really love your mantle. And the spider pumpkin looks fantastic! We never have the patience for something that intricate.
Way cool of you to have a Halloween play date for the girls, I think you are Makenzie's dream mom, haha! I need to be better about stuff like that.:)
Have fun at your party tonight!!

Tara said...

Haha.. probably pretty obvious that was me. :)

Cameron and Wendy said...

Um, hello Superwoman! If I could pull off just ONE of these things, that would be a major accomplishment! I am with need to move back so we can come to your parties. Or maybe we will just fly up there tonight and crash your party? Ha ha! For reals though, how do you do it all??

Joanne said...

You are the best party planner I know! I wish we lived by you guys so we could come. All of your decorations look so awesome - I want to show my kids because they would love the pictures, but I don't know if I should because then they will realize they got the wrong mom. I can't wait to see all of your costumes. Also, those little bat cookies are super cute - I haven't seen those before. My favorite picture might actually be Brinley with her chocolate grin being the only remains - that is just how Henry is. By the time I pull the camera out to take pictures of any yummy creations they have made, his is already long gone.

Tau said...

awesome...I always love seeing the post about the part-tay. We'll have to make it to one of those. We miss you guys. Have fun!

Sarah said...

Dude! Can't wait for your post on the party. From the looks of it, it's going to be epic. Love what you did for the girls too. You're like the coolest mom and play-date junkie ever!

p.s. Cam looks so adorable in his little beanie. Miss you guys.

Cam and Lohi said...

I LOVE all the crafts you do. You always inspire me to do fun things with my kids and I actually did this Halloween. I think you're the fun-est mom ever. I love that the girls dug right in to the pumpkin guts. Both my kids refused to lol.