Monday, July 25, 2011

Fitness University: Finals Day

After 8 weeks of Fitness University running clinics the kids got to show off their skills on Finals day last weekend. 
All the kids got  Fitness University graduation T-shirts and running bibs then headed off in their age groups to do a warm up lap.

Parents had to stay off the track and sit in the stands except for those of us with 3 year olds. We got to be down on the field with our kiddos to help their coaches keep them contained. 

Brinley doing her warm up lap

The first event was the 9 year olds doing 3/4 mile (3 laps) so they kept the little ones entertained at the snip-its tent with hair painting. Brinley got hot pink swatches with blue sparkles and Teya went for an orange pony tail with gold sparkles.

Then it was time for the 3 year olds to warm up. They had a super energetic fitness instructor up there leading the kids and she was great! 

When they were finished they lined up for their 100 yard dash. Brinley was adorable and I got a short 19 second video of her running into the finish line. Love how she gives me a big cheeser smile as she passes me. You can tell she was enjoying herself.

At the finish line they were rewarded with fancy medals

They also had a food tent with bagels, oranges, juice, and more water. Brinley filled up on the oranges.

 Teya's 400 meter wasn't till near the end so by the time she was up the clouds were gone and the sun was blazing down. She still ran strong and finished with a kick at the end. Here's a little clip of her starting out.

There she goes, looking controlled and confident.

Here she is about half way through, right before the kick.

And this is her kicking it in at the end, passing the other kids who stopped to walk. Her goal was not to walk the whole time and she did it no problem.

All smiles at the finish line.

My proud little runners with their shiny new medals. 

We came home and had peanut butter toast with bananas (a great pre or post run snack) and talked about how sad we were that it was all over.

Teya said, "I'm going to miss fitness university, but maybe we can still go to the track and run just by ourselves." 
The purpose of the program is to get kids excited about being active. I'd say mission accomplished!


Hilary said...

Your kids are awesome. the end.

Cameron and Wendy said...

That is such a great activity! Seriously...I want to do one for me! Ha ha! No really though, I wish I could find something like that here for Miley because I know she would love it.

I am sure you guys have been such a great example for your kids for staying active and fit! It's no wonder they love it and think it is so fun, because you guys manage to make running marathons look fun!

Sarah said...

Could that be any cuter. What an awesome program. I so totally wish they had that here. The girls are so cute. I love how excited they are.

Naomi Hanks said...

SO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW! I would LOVE to have my girls do something like that, but alas, Chicago bites!