Monday, December 7, 2009

Easy and Delicious

The other day I had some extra bread stick dough and I remembered a great little recipe we used to make when we were kids. I don't know what we called them, Sticky buns maybe? Gooey yum yums? Cinnamon tasties? Something along those lines. Anyway, I made them again and they were as easy and as scrumptious as I remembered. I thought I'd share the recipe since it is the season for sweet indulgences. Plus, this is a great one to make with kids : )

10-12 large marshmallows (one marshmallow for each bun, so just depends on how many you want to make)
1/2 stick of butter, melted
3/4 cup of sugar
1 T cinnamon (you can use more or less, just depends on how you like your cinnamon and sugar topping)
1 package of Pillsbury dough ( I used bread stick dough this time but I've used crescent roll dough too and they came out great)
Muffin pan
Cooking spray

1) Spray muffin pan with cooking spray
2) Combine cinnamon and sugar
3) Take a strip of dough and wrap it completely around a marshmallow. Pull it over the top and bottom so it's closed up to make a marshmallow dough ball.
4) Dip entire dough ball in butter
5) Roll dough ball in cinnamon sugar mix till it's completely covered
6) Place dough ball in muffin pan

Cook at 375 for 10-12 minutes and Wah Lah!!! Gooey, delicious, cinnamon heaven!


Gaylon, Crystal, Chenoa & Tristan said...

Mmm, those look yummy! I'll have to try them! Thanks for sharing all your yummy recipes:)

Cameron and Wendy said...

Oh my...that sounds soooo good. Right up my alley, too. :) Have a good few weeks without me here...ha ha! I will miss you, and get ready for hilarious videos when I get back!

Naomi Hanks said...

Oh Man! I've totally been craving those lately! Mmmmmmmm! Yummo!

lisapenn said...

I think that I am going to need to make a run to the grocery store today! Yummy!

Jansen Tribe said...

my mouth is watering!! I'm going to the store to try this out!! After I go swim that is....ha ha ha !

Mel said...

We made these when I taught school all the time!! We called them Vanishing Breakfast Rolls. The kids thought the reason they were called that was because people ate them so fastGotta love junior high!!

Pae and Guy said...

remind me to find this recipe when we get an oven! one drawback of studio living!

Nicole said...

ummm... yummy!! We'll definitely be trying that one! Thanks!

Ioane said...

Yummo that looks so good. We're making those for Christmas Hooray! Can't wait

Linda said...

Just found your blog through FB. Can't wait to try these and I look forward to looking over your blog a little more thoroughly. It is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

how 'bout calling them "CinnaYums"!!!

Mimi said...

These look so good. I'm writing down the recipe and hope to make it one day soon with my grandkids.
Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

You have a beautiful family.

Shell said...

I made up this same recipe years ago but have tried several ways along w/marshamellow using piece of hershey chocolate or pecans or chunk of many various ways to kick it up a notch or two

Shirley said...

I'm going to try these tonight. bet the house will smell so good.

Anonymous said...

These sound really good, but was just wondering what they would taste like made with those toasted coconut marshmellows??? Hhhhmmmm. will have to try it. (<:

Anonymous said...

I wonder how it would taste with a piece of apple red sweet apples (pre-cook), cut into med sqrs??